The project will produce benefits for flood-prone communities, for policy makers involved in flood risk management, and for academic communities.

In the three case-study communities, the research activities will develop flood knowledge and strengthen existing knowledges through deliberative discussions and the production of flood memory documentation and action packs.  Other flood-prone communities will benefit from the dissemination of information on the project website and from distribution of action packs on what communities and other stakeholders can do to develop sustainable flood memories.

Policy makers will benefit through gaining a better understanding of the temporal dimensions of individual and community flood resilience, i.e. of the role of community memory of floods and flood management measures.  Representatives of selected government agencies will be able to input to the research project design and progress through participating in the Stakeholder Competency Group to ensure compatibility of research and policy endeavours.

Beneficiaries in academia include researchers and students working on flood risk management in a variety of disciplinary fields.  The project will provide new insights into community resilience to flooding and into possible ways to increase this resilience. It will contribute to developments in the fields of memory studies, human geography, heritage, environmental management, and knowledge integration.


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