Case-study Communities

Our research focuses on three communities on the lower River Severn that were severely affected by the 2007 floods. The communities differ in three dimensions: whether or not they have experienced major flooding before summer 2007; whether they are urban or rural; and whether their population is rather transient or stable. By exploring flood memoralisation in these different contexts we hope to gain insights into a variety of processes of dealing with past and future flooding.

Setting 1 is an ‘established’ urban community which has a significant history of episodic extreme floods, regular experience of flooding, and corresponding flood memories

Setting 2 is a ‘newer’ urban community which has no previous history of flooding (with parts built after previous extreme floods in 1947) but which was flooded in July 2007.

Setting 3 is one floodplain city ward with a past history of extreme flooding including recent experience in 2007, but with a comparatively high population turnover, larger ethnic diversity and lower socioeconomic profile relative to the other communities.

Setting 4 is an established rural community with a significant history of episodic extreme floods.


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