Apart from the four case-study communities, two groups of people are mainly involved in the project. The Stakeholder Competency Group represents various interest groups and experts concerning floods and communities on the Severn, without claiming to be exhaustive.  Its role is to discuss and advise on the design and progress of the project, making sure that it remains focused on priorities relevant in policy and practice. The five researchers on the project combine their strengths in anthropology, physical and cultural geography, history and media studies to give the project a rich, interdisciplinary outlook. Their role is to review relevant literature, conduct empirical research in the communities, engage with the stakeholder competency group, facilitate the generation of new flood memory materials, and to foster linkages with policy and administration.

Stakeholder Competency Group

The Stakeholder Competency Group from the original ESRC Sustainable Flood Memories project has continued on the Digital storytelling part of the project. We thank them for our exchanges in the project development, and their support to maximise its impacts.


  • Professor Lindsey Jo McEwen, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of West England (PI)
  • Dr Owain Jones, School of Humanities and Cultural Industries, Bath Spa University (Co I)
  • Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen, Culture, Media and Communication, Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick (Co I)
  • Dr Andrew Holmes, Department of Geography and Environmental Management, University of West England (RA)

Abbey Terrace, Tewkesbury, July 2007. Image by J.Clarke



We would like to thank:

  • all the community participants in the lower Severn valley who took part in the ESRC Flood Memories project for sharing their experiences and reflections.
  • those who were involved in the follow-on project development on digital storytelling, for consenting for their stories to be shared for knowledge sharing in educational settings.

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